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Country of origin: Denmark

PROBIO DROPS BB12 Probiotics is a probiotic for infants and young children. It contains the probiotic strain of Bifidobacterium animalis subsp. lactis BB-12®. It is distributed in a liquid form measuring 8 ml inside a 10 ml amber bottle. Each bottle contains 1 Billion Bifidobacterium BB-12® and is reinforced with Sunflower oil & Vitamin E.

Bifidobacterium animalis subsp. lactis BB-12® is the world’s best documented probiotic Bifidobacterium. It is described in more than 300 scientific publications and backed by more than 180 human clinical studies. It exhibits valuable probiotic characteristics and excellent survival in the gastrointestinal tract due to gastric acid and bile tolerance and strong mucus adherence properties. Pathogen inhibition, barrier function enhancement, and immune interactions are mechanisms that have been demonstrated. It has proven its beneficial effect in the gastrointestinal health and immune function. It is able to improve bowel function by providing a protective effect against diarrhea and reduction of side effects of antibiotic treatment, such as antibiotic-associated diarrhea. In terms of immune function, clinical studies demonstrated an increase in the body’s resistance to common respiratory infections as well as reduced the incidence of acute respiratory tract infections.

The Bifidobacterium, BB-12® strain has been associated with several health benefits in babies and children:

  • Digestive Health – Associated with softer and more frequent bowel movements, and shorter and fewer episodes of loose stools and overall regularity
  •  Excessive crying and fussing – Associated with significantly less excessive crying and fussing in babies.
  • Daily Sleep – Associated with additional daily sleep in babies with excessive crying and fussing and an improvement in the health-related quality of life of their parents/caregivers
  • Respiratory Health – Associated with fewer episodes of respiratory discomfort
  • Immune Health – Associated with better immune system support.
  • Skin Health – Associated with fewer instances of red, dry, and scaly skin in babies.

*This product is also being sold at leading drugstores nationwide.

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6 reviews for PROBIO DROPS BB12 Probiotics

  1. Lourane Nakasawa

    “Thank you Probio Medcare! My three months old baby is now in a better condition after taking Probio Drops BB12. Probio Medcare reassures that I will take consideration as they suggested that my 9 yrs. old kid will take the same dosage of 6 drops per day to boost his immune system.”

  2. micay

    my daughter has been using it for more than a year and it is good for her can i just ask up to what age does the child has to take it….

  3. Karen

    “Thanks to Probio, my baby no longer experienced constipation and had barely gotten sick! He remain active throughout…as if he is not feverish! My baby is now 1 year and 9 months old and we make sure never to miss his daily dose of 6 drops as prescribed by his pedia.”

  4. Imee

    My little one has used BB12 since about a month, my pediatrician recommended this to us. His colic has subsided substantially and it’s definitely helped his digestion. He is no longer struggles when he has bowel movements. I feel this product helped boost his immune system as well. He is now a healthy happy baby boy! If you’re experiencing tiny tummy troubles in your house, or just want to start a probiotic, it’s worth a shot!”

  5. Dianne (verified owner)

    Good Probiotics! BB12 is part of my baby’s life na.

  6. Fatima

    This product has made such a big difference in my baby. He used to cry every single night from 6-10 and once we started using BB12 probiotic drops it stopped. These drops are awesome! If you have a colicky baby, these are well worth the try.

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