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“Every health issue has something to do with the food you are taking! With Proper diet and daily intake of probiotics OMX will make you strong healthy and away from being sick! Ang OMX subok ko na ito in all types of patients even young ones and adult patients. It helps them to recover fast and treat their diseases! As a biological dentist I always prescribe OMX because I know it will be beneficial to them!”

Dr. Nelson Gaba Biological Dentistry, BIO DENT

“Thank you Probio Medcare. Honestly, the product Probio Drops BB12 Probiotics really yield goodresults based on what I’ve seen with my baby after she was hospitalized. My three months old baby is now in a better condition after taking Probio Drops BB12 as per my baby’s pediatrician Dr. Grace De Hoya prescribing the said brand of probiotics. In fact, my baby has a regular bowel movement and very active. Probio Medcare reassures that I will take consideration as they suggested that my 9 yrs. old kid will take the same dosage of 6 drops per day to boost his immune system.”

Lourane Nakasawa Mother from Caloocan

“Aside from its palatable taste, Lactomin Plus can survive in an acidic environment (not all probiotics cansurvive) which is one of the most important considerations in all probiotics preparations. I tried Lactomin Plus in all diarrhea cases and it really works particularly this rainy season.”

Dr. Marionito Estanislao Pediatrician, St. Lukes Quezon City

About Us

Trusted Multi-Specialty and Diagnostic Clinic in Makati and Parañaque

You want only the best for your health. You’re always looking for ways to feel and live better every day. We got you covered. You aim to provide your patients and customers with the highest quality of service. You’re looking for alternative and preventive medical products, which you can proudly recommend to your client base. Well, you’ve just found the right place. Welcome to Probio Medcare, your partner in restoring good health!

Dedicated to Your Health and Wellness

Our health products can either supply what’s lacking in your body or support your existing body processes to facilitate faster healing and restoration. Most importantly, everything we do and offer at our medical center helps save lives. From multi-specialty diagnostics to probiotics and other pharmaceutical products, we have what you need to understand, heal, and take care of your body. Browse our website to learn about everything Probio Medcare has to offer. If you have questions about our exceptional health products and services, please contact us today. We would love to speak with you.

Quality Heath Services and Products Within Your Reach

Probio Medcare Inc., a trusted medical supplier and medical center in Parañaque, has been providing superior quality health services and products for more than 15 years. As a multi-specialty and diagnostic clinic, we have gained the knowledge, skills, and experience necessary to understand and meet the needs of our growing clientele. Whether you’re a health professional, an individual looking for alternative ways to restore your health, or you own a healthcare facility, you’ll find our solutions extremely helpful. You don’t need to spend the rest of your life dealing with a variety of health problems. While you can always work with your physician to find better ways to improve your health and quality of life, our products and services could help speed up your healing and recovery process.

ProBio Medcare is dedicated to help you enjoy your healthiest, happiest life without the worry of high medical costs.