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The PBM Probio Medcare company team comprises of professionals with expertise in two different major disciplines: PROBIOTICS technical data and Marketing and its sales functions providing us an edge in the industry. We are a young, healthy and highly motivated team that prizes entrepreneurial spirit plus technical-how, flexibility and success.

Our team members have been hired based on academics but more importantly based on “Respect for life”, Ultrapure service”, Integrity” and “Zealousness”. We have created a team with single vision of providing quality healthcare and products that will aid in the restoration of human health.

Our management team are headed by our company President Dr. Luisito L. Ruiz, MHSM, and Mr. Leonides D. Villanueva as the National Sales Manager.

probio medcare
20 years ago, Probiotics were rarely seen in pharmacies in the Philippines, and not many knew about their health benefits. Which led me to ask myself, how can I spread the word about Probiotics? And how can I add this to many Filipino homes? And so, I did my research and then came across Dr. Ohhira, now my trusted partner from Japan, who introduced me to the probiotics brand, OM-X. I believe so much in the benefits of this product, and so this helped me establish our company, Probio Medcare Inc., with the focus of distributing OM-X in the Philippines. Over the years, our company has continued to grow, allowing us to expand our range of probiotics available in the Philippines. More and more Filipinos now understand the benefits of adding probiotics to their lives. And I am delighted to be one of the Pioneers of probiotic use in the Philippines, bridging the gap in the world of probiotics. Probio Medcare Inc., has been delivering quality health supplements since the day of our foundation. Every product that we offer is carefully curated and has gone through extensive research to ensure that we only provide the best products for the health of our customers. To ensure the safety and efficacy of our products, each is entitled to the highest standards of our local Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Our company has heavily invested in research and development, making it possible to collaborate with reputable multi-international companies based in these countries such as Japan, Denmark, Korea, Spain, France, and the Philippines. This opened the door for Filipinos to access credible probiotics originating from other parts of the world. We are entirely confident that the products that we distribute are wholly capable and beneficial. We will continue to work hard and take advantage of every opportunity to grow and build upon the trust our customers have in us.
probio medcare
Dr. Luisito L. Ruiz, MHSM
Probio Medcare Incorporated has always maintain its belief that our core values is our basic strongest foundation for us to succeed and at the same time, provide our customers excellent services with accuracy or exactitudes as their true partners in the health industry. Aside from the external customers we have, the company is convinced that employees will have a significant role in pursuing excellence in the industry that we've been with for a more extended period. We are passionate about our brand because it gives us purpose more than the profit we will gain from the brand we have. Passion for providing health benefits for our superior products with integrity and efficacy. We wanted to give them the best Nutraceutical products that will be genuinely beneficial in achieving the health benefits they expected from a brand of Probiotics. As Steve Jobs said, 'People With Passion Can Change The World'. What I can say about our products are Unique and Innovative.
Mr. Leonides D. Villanueva
National Sales & Business Development Manager


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