AB-INTIMUS Vaginal Probiotic

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Country of Origin : Spain

AB-INTIMUS Vaginal Probiotic contains Lactobacillus plantarum I 1001, a patented strain with unique properties for the recovery of the vaginal flora and with a high capacity of adhesion to the vaginal mucosa. Through the production of lactic acid, these lactobacilli stabilize the physiological pH of the vagina and help the natural defense mechanisms to combat vaginal infections. In addition, when colonizing the vaginal cavity they form a protective layer that prevents the fixation of another undesirable microorganism.

AB-INTIMUS Vaginal Probiotic can be used as an adjuvant to the treatment of vaginal infections, especially in recurrent candidiasis and/or resistance to antifungal treatments, as well as in
the prevention of possible relapse. It can also be used in any situation in which the vaginal flora may be altered.

• Restores the vaginal flora
• Prevention of vaginal infections
• Used as an adjunct in the treatment of vulvovaginal infections, it improves symptoms and reduces relapses                                                                                                    • Effective against candidiasis and vaginosis
• High adherence to the vaginal epithelium
• High vaginal acidification capacity
• Resistant to antifungal treatments and antibiotics

Insert 1 vaginal tablet a day deep into the vagina on alternate days for 2 weeks at the end of the menstrual period.
In case of treatment with antifungal or vaginal antibiotics, start the application of AB INTIMUS Vaginal Probiotic once it is finished. If symptoms persist repeat the pattern the following month
Do not apply AB-INTIMUS during menstruation

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5 reviews for AB-INTIMUS Vaginal Probiotic

  1. Jane Jimenez

    Great product. I was having bacterial vaginosis and this really solved my issue. I will surely repeat the order again.

  2. Michael

    Very good supplement… My wife like it, recommended to all women

  3. Leslie Ong

    AB Intimus is SUPER GOOD for my sensitive part. The itchiness was gone.. bad smell was also gone. In return, smooth & soft part ♥♥♥ highly recommended!!

  4. Krissy

    It’s my 4th time purchasing AB-Intimus, it really reduces my odor problem and white discharge problem. worth to buy! ♥

  5. Laila

    This product is good.
    I’ve recovered from every symptoms that I have… Especially with yeast infection and no pain during intercourse. Thank you AB-Intimus

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