SUPRAVIT Prime w/ Ginseng Capsule

1,472.00/ 1 Box of 100’s

Country of origin: Philippines

SUPRAVIT Prime w/ Ginseng is able to provide a complete and optimal concentration of A-Z vitamins and minerals which our body requires for maintaining vitality and well-being. The added natural ginseng extract contributes to the overall toning of the body and can help stimulate an effective immune system among adults.


  • Helps in energy production
  • Supports the development of the brain and body
  • Addresses the deficiencies of vitamins and minerals due to fatigue, physical stress, and mental stress
  1. Supravit syrup w/ CGF

Country of origin: Philippines

SUPRAVIT Syrup w/ Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) provides complete nutrients which promotes growth and development among children 1 year old and above. This supplement is a combination of multi-vitamins and CGH which helps growing children achieve a higher height potential and stronger bones and muscles. This supplement comes in syrup form with orange flavoring to ensure a delicious supplement for kids.


  • Promotes physical growth and mental development
  • Maximizes child’s growth potential, strengthens immune system, and improves vision
  • Orange flavored multivitamins suited for kids and above


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