Our Team

The PBM Probio Medcare company team comprises of professionals with expertise in two different major disciplines: PROBIOTICS technical data and Marketing and its sales functions providing us an edge in the industry. We are a young, healthy and highly motivated team that prizes entrepreneurial spirit plus technical-how, flexibility and success.

Our team members have been hired based on academics but more importantly based on “Respect for life”, Ultrapure service”, Integrity” and “Zealousness”. We have created a team with single vision of providing quality healthcare and products that will aid in the restoration of human health.

Our management team are headed by our company President Dr. Luisito L. Ruiz, MHSM, and Mr. Leonides D. Villanueva as the National Sales Manager.

Probio Medcare is dedicated to help you enjoy your healthiest, happiest life without the worry of high medical costs.